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Why We Tech While Black

We tech while black because we believe that Black Lives Matter, but also that its not enough to stop at saying "stop the killing". We must also have a plan for change and a way out from the struggles that plague our community. We believe that the best way is to achieve economic stability is by leveraging careers in tech. It's the only way our community has a fighting chance.

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If you believe black lives matter, then consider that...

Black Tech Participation Matters

Tech participation is important to those seeking a way to support themselves and maintain their livestyles as careers and industries become more automated.

How You Can Participate

  • Find Local Programs
  • Join Community Groups
  • Attend City Events
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Black Tech Representation Matters

Visbility by blacks active in tech is important to inspire the next generation and those considering a career change to choose tech. Representation is easy, but impactful.

How You Can Represent

  • Share Your Achievements
  • Promote Your News
  • Create Your Content
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Black Tech Collaboration Matters

There is no need to wait for a savior when we have each other. Collaboration helps achieve more, faster, and better. We're all in this together, so let's support each other.

How You Can Collaborate

  • Find Tech Cofounders
  • Join Project Teams
  • Share Tech Resources
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