Learn About Tech While Black

Tech While Black is a online community platform headquartered in Chicago, IL. We provide a platform for the global black tech community to make connections, share information, and collaborate on projects that stimulate learning, innovation, growth and economic development.

Why Tech While Black?

We believe that there is something more important that we can do along with encouraging the big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to support diversity through hiring.

While we support and advocate for more diversity in the existing companies, we believe that supporting the growth and development of black professionals and startups is equally, if not more, important. That's the only way we can even begin to see an economic benefit in the black community as a result of tech innovation.

So we built a platform that provides a way to connect with others in the black tech community, share information, and discover what's happening at the intersection of technology, culture, and community.

Connecting the Black Tech Ecosystem

Every part of our community is important and necessary. That's why our platform is tailored to bring together the various groups that make up the entirety of the black tech ecosystem and its supporters.


Supporting Tech While Black

Tech While Black is a volunteer-run project supported by revenue from individual and corporate donations. From time to time, we consider corporate donations on a case by case basis.

Use our contact form to learn more about volunteering or partnering with Tech While Black.