Join the Tech While Black Crew

We welcome volunteers from all experience levels to learn and practice their skills while contribuiting to a project that makes an impact. Whether you have advanced skills or are just getting started, we can use your help!

Here are a few specific skills we need, but we invite you to contact us if you have a skill not listed that you think would be helpful:

Community Ambassadors

Engage users, manage the community, and spreading the word.


Create designs for our mobile and desktop applications and promotions.

Content Writing

Create content for landing pages, supplemental pages, social media, and related.

Marketing and Social Media

Help develop local, online, social media, and end-to-end campaigns.

Digital Media Production

Help produce videos, podcasts, and related.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Test our platform and ensure quality, consistency, and error-free functionality.

Front-end Development

Implement front end designs, layout, and develop user interface.

Ruby on Rails Development

Develop, maintain, and improve platform code.

Ready to help out? Contact us now to get started.