About the Tech While Black Platform

The Tech While Black is a online community platform is in beta development. This means that we need your help to improve on what we're doing so we can make our final release. This also means that we are continually improving our platform, so be sure to check back regularly to see how we're doing and test things out.

Here are a few other ways that you can help:

Be Active

The easiest way that you can help is by being an active member. That's the best way we can get data on how well our site is helping you get information, make connections, and discover what's happening.

Give Feedback

Your feedback will help provide better insight on what's working for you and how to solve anything that's still frustrating you. Please use our contact form to make suggestions or report any errors.

Join Project

We always welcome volunteers to help with testing, design, development, content production, and promotions. If you can think of another way that you'd like to help, let us know! Contact us now to get started.